Impact Shorts

Snug, well arranged and comfortable. The compression material keeps my thighs compressed and warm, well circulated with blood. The best aspect is the way in which the pads are individually sewn to the shorts and their placement.

The two greatest areas of vulnerability I have the tips of my hips, and my tailbone. A lot of Impact Shorts I’ve had either have too small of pads in those areas, or the pads shift. I feel confident that I won’t take direct impact on my bones.

Shin Guards

Light, flexible, and strong. If you already wear tall socks when you play, you’ll never notice them, but you’ll be glad they are there.

Ankle Guards

I feel like these take the most adjustment. I first tried them with the drop downs tucked into my boots, this was not for me. However, once I placed them over my boot, they were comfortable and I had the added impact protection without sacrificing lateral mobility.

The product is light, and takes out one more injury factor and that’s what’s important. There is a lot of potential danger for your shins, feet and ankles trying to ram through a pack, I like being able to worry less about that and more about my gameplay – more about points.

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