Armour Flex make Sports Impact Protection for Football and other sports. Lightweight, flexible Guards that cover the shin, ankle and metatarsal.


Following on from the bruising post I thought it may be useful to look at other impact injuries. One that particularly stands out is the coccyx or tailbone.
At some point in sport most people will have landed on their butt and it hurts.

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Why me? The mental side of injury

Following on from the last blog post I thought it would be a good idea to talk about the mental side of injury – hopefully you agree.

Oh snap! Survive a broken ankle

After the last blog post, I thought why not keep it logical for once and look at the unfortunate alternative – broken ankle.

Recovering from a sports ankle injury

It is important in any injury to have an understanding of how to deal with it, otherwise how are you meant to begin recovering from a sports ankle injury?

The Elite Shin Guard is now available!

Armour Flex® Elite shin guards are the most lightweight and flexible shin guards on the market!


Here’s what professional sportsmen and women think about the Armour Flex products.

Sixty Quad Bit #64 – Tyne and Fear

When I received the Impact shorts the first thing I noticed was the lightweight material and the outer armour covered area that most padded shorts do not. The strong thick lycra prevents slippage around the thighs.

10 minutes after putting them on I forgot they were there. These shorts protect the hips, pelvis, sacrum and coccyx as well.

Disaster Chief – Puerto Rico Men’s Roller Derby

My new Armouflex guards are super light, very comfortable and most importantly stay in place no matter what I’m doing.

My shins remain bump and bruise free and they are going to remain a part of my gear setup from here on out. I would recommend these to anyone looking for extra protection when playing derby.

Tomahawke – England Men’s Roller Derby

I can play harder with the guards on knowing the risk of injury is reduced. Low block kicks to the ankle and lower shin are absorbed by the guards.

Time off for injury can be expensive so I’d rather have have these than risk the time.

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