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AF Shin Guards

Lightweight, flexible and easy to tailor to suit your own size and fit. The Elite shin pads utilise a ‘hook and loop’ feature to help grip the compression sleeves to ensure they stay in place during play.


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Technical Details

What’s in the bag?

2 x Shin Pads
2 x Compression Sleeves
Use and cleaning Instructions

What they do

Armour Flex Elite Shin Pads have been designed and engineered to provide secure and reliable protection for the front upper shin and round the back towards the calf area of the leg.

How they do it

By using a carefully selected combination of different materials we’ve chosen for their impact resistance, comfort and flexibility.

We’ve made sure that the pads are up to a lot of kicks and knocks out on the pitch, we want you to feel as confident as we do that when you commit to a tackle you’re protected. The pads have been tried and tested for impact to an industry standard for shin guards, its a lot of work however we want to guarantee a resilient product for you

Protects against...

Severe bruising
Cuts and contusions
Strained ligaments

The Detail

Robust bond of cross linked foam and fabric layers including a strong grip hook and loop system to ensure each pad stays in place.

Maximum thickness of 10mm, we’ve made the pads as light as possible so you can barely feel them.

A hard front layer to spread impact loads.

Patented Design in UK, EU, USA and New Zealand.

Tested to BS EN 13061 and CE certified.

Key Product Features

One size fits, our customisable pads allow for trimming to give you a snug fit.

Designed to be compatible with the Armour Flex Ankle Pads working efficiently together for optimum lower leg protection.

Vent holes for air flow around shin.

Sweat channels to allow moisture to rapidly escape. Designed to keep you cool.

A strong grip between sock and pad means there’s no unwanted movement on impact and the pad will stay in place for the entire match.

  1. Put on the lightweight compression sleeve, ensuring the surface of the sleeve is smooth.
  1. Before you apply the shin pad onto your leg, pre-shape the shin pad between your hands.
  1. Centre the pad on the shin and wrap around so the hook loop fasteners on the back of the pad adhere firmly to the sleeve.
  1. Smooth the pad on to
    the sleeve. Then put your usual match sock over the top. PLAY ON!