Prevent injury don’t just treat it

I have never been one to wear additional padding around my ankles and on my shins. The idea of restricting my movements has never appealed to me. However, I thought I would give Armourflex a try after speaking to inventor Robert Hughes about the product.

Armourflex is lightweight, flexible and stay in place during play and more crucially – when taking an impact. The guards stick to the back of the ankle support via VELCRO® allowing the padding to stay firmly in place, protecting the whole of the ankle.

Nick Perry

Reaper, Southern Discomfort

The guards in Action

Unlike other products that could slide around over the top of your socks these guards stay seamlessly in place and flex with your bodies movements. With skates on I thought there may be an issue of them cutting into the ankle bones and into the heel where it wraps all the way around from the front of the ankle to the achilles. In fact, because they are so thin and flexible, they are extremely comfortable.

After about 5 minutes of getting used to them being on you do not even notice them. In my skates, they give extra support on the ankle but still gave me the full flexibility that I am used to.

The Shin Guards guards, use the the same VELCRO® on the back of them and the flexibility, they apply well and hold onto the sock. I skated in the full set for 3 hours and did not even notice them there. Looking at them, there was about an inch gap between the top of the shin guard and my knee pad so nowhere to be hit. The design which is flush so they have no sticking out parts makes them extremely thin and strong.





Almost all injuries which can put the roller derby player at risk.


They also provide added support during recovery. If you do pick up a knock they will provide added support and protection for players whilst recovering from injuries, meaning they can come back to the game with more confidence.


The pads take just one minute to put on. The pads adhere with a Velcro ® attachment to a lightweight compression sleeve. This ensures a secure fit, crucially ensuring there is no movement on impact, and for complete protection can be worn with the Armourflex Shin Guards.


For Roller Derby players the most important feature of the Armourflex pads are their light weight and comfort. Rather than bulky shin pads that can impinge on ease of movement, the Armourflex ankle protectors are the lightest in the market weighing in at 40 grams per pair, meaning you can play on without interference.

Final thoughts on the guards

I would recommend this kit to anybody. There have been times where I have been kicked in the ankle, in the heels and shins when trying to get through a pack. The idea that I can protect myself with light weight strong guards that cover every angle from the lower shin and ankle and all the way up to the base of most knee guards worn by Derby skaters, makes me feel more confident in focussing on what I need to do, instead of avoiding players in case I get hurt.

The way the creator explained Armourflex to me was simple but ingenious:

“This is prevention, not treatment”

If you can stop injuries before they occur then you will never miss your games again or for long periods of time. To increase the confidence of your game get a set of Armourflex. You won’t regret it.

Nick Perry

Reaper for Southern Discomfort

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