Evil Alice Impact Shorts Review

My Armourflex shorts are amazing! When I wear them skating I feel extra confidence knowing that when I take a hit it isn’t going to hurt as much as when I skated without the extra protection. They feel very comfortable and I’m grateful to have them. Having skated derby for the last six years I am thankful to have these protective shorts now, and wish I had them earlier. It would be to every derby skater’s benefit to invest in these Armourflex Impact Shorts!

Evil Alice #666 Junior Bay Area Black Widows
A Modern Day Banked Track League

Hell Raze Hurr Impact Shorts Review

When I received the Armourflex Impact Shorts the first thing I noticed was how lightweight they felt. Within 10 minutes after putting on the Armourflex Impact Shorts I completely forgot that I was wearing them. Playing a full contact sport like roller derby you are constantly getting hit in your hips and pelvis region leaving soreness and bruising. However, with the Armourflex Impact Shorts there are no sore hips or bruises thanks to the strategically placed padding, there was no restricting movement of my legs or hips and the Armourflex Impact Shorts formed naturally to my body. As a skater playing with a previous injury of a shattered pelvis the effectiveness of the Armourflex Impact Shorts gave me instant confidence in taking on the biggest blocker in my way without worrying about the consequences of receiving a bone crushing hit. The Armourflex Impact Shorts will always be part of my gear when I take the line on the track. I look forward to wearing and supporting the rest of the Armourflex Impact Protection Gear and highly recommend Armourflex to everyone that plays roller derby.

Hell Raze Hurr 24K
The Bay Area Black Widows
A Modern Day Banked Track League

RoadKill Will’s Impact Shorts Review

The padding covered areas that really should be protected, such as the tailbone. I really liked that I did not lose any mobility, but gained protection. I was also impressed with how light they are and comfortable.

RoadKill Will #38
The Bay Area Venom
Men’s Banked Track Roller Derby

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